Whos knows anything about current and voltage phase change....?

C.I.V.I.L = capacitor - current - voltage -current - inductor

Electricity moves very quickly but not instantaneously.
When a Voltage is first applied to a capacitor it first looks like a short circuit so no voltage is measurable across the capacitor. However a large current does flow; charging the capacitor.
After a short time the capacitor is charged and there is no more current flow but there now is a voltage across the capacitor. The voltage lags behind the current flow.
When you feed constantly alternating current to a capacitor this shows up as a 90 degree phase shift of the voltage behind the current.
Coils (inductances) are just the opposite.
When you first apply a voltage to a coil it must construct a magnetic field. This, at first, shows up as an infinite resistance so you measure the full voltage across the coil but no current flow. (It is caused by the counter-EMF i.e. the changing magnetic field of the coil induces a counter-voltage that blocks any current flow. (at first)).
When the magnetic field stabilizes (i.e. stops changing) the counter-EMF disappears and the voltage is then blocked only by the Ohmic Resistance (usually negligible) and the current can flow freely.
When the voltage starts to drop the collapsing magnetic field induces a voltage in the coil that tries to keep the current flowing.
When you feed AC to a coil it looks like the current is lagging 90 degrees behind the voltage.
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