A car working on water. no fuel needed at all, can u believe it?

i know a guy who created a car which use water instead of fuel, why there is no body to support his invention and take it further ?

This is basically a fuel cell car. They do exist and companies are making them. The only difference here is that your 'friend' is producing his own hydrogen fuel by splitting the water atoms using electrolysis. There is no 'invention' here this has been known for probably at least 100 years and is a method to produce hydrogen and oxygen gas using electricity for industrial use. The difficulties with this method are that you have to use some of the energy from the fuel cell to actually split the atoms. However, it is not possible for the car to 100% operate totally on its own without additional energy sources because the energy obtained from the fuel cell will be no more (actually less) than the energy required to split the atom in the first place. So you have to carry extra batteries or burn a gas engine to create the hydrogen gas, which defeats the purpose. The practical fuel cell cars being used and designed now will either have pressurized tanks of hydrogen or other hydro-carbon gases which can operate in the fuel cell or be used to produce hydrogen gas using some kind of chemical process.
are you saying the whole car was made out of water?
was this a toy car
Have you seen or driven the car?
Water, or burnt hydrogen as it can be called, has no chemical energy value as any elementary understanding of physics and chemistry can show. As this invention can not work that is the reason why nobody has taken it further.

Sure everything has energy as Einstein showed. Only trouble is you'd need a nuclear fusion reactor to get it out of water and nobody knows how to make one that works yet.
because developing this and bringing it into production would take billions of dollars and more than a decade of time. plus, he wasnt the first one to do that. most of the big car companies have been experimenting with cars that run on water for quite a while.
If there were steam engines why can't there be cars that run on water.

He could market the vehcile him self. and Sell it to family and friends and then they would save all this money in fuel while everyone else suffers.
I don't know about that, but my girlfriend seems to think my car runs without oil or water,from the way she uses it
because the world is governed by the fuel company's and governments will bow to the pressure they put on them
may be he is just using a part of the water after running an electrical current through it hes got the H out of it and is using this to run the car
yeah i know they made a model version of the car at a local university
I was told,when i was a pup,this was invented many many
years ago and the big oil company's paid the guy of to
save them going bust and the world economy collapsing.
So tell your friend to expect a knock on his door.
Cool.. I hope he's patented the idea before one of the big manufacturers nick the idea!
Maybe he should get in touch with Jeromy Clarkson on Top Gear!
How did he crack the hydrogen out of the H2O to run the car
Because at this time, the technology to separate oxygen and hydrogen molecules, then burn the hydrogen to form water again in a small enough area to fit in a car and be feasable is just too expensive.
I think you need a glass of water!! Might help your brain work a bit!! (Joke)

I would imagine that if he could get a vehicle to move with water then there would be a few people knocking on his door.

I wont be starting my car straight away!!
Probably the hydrogen

Probaly because it uses more electricity to get the hydrogen , than the gas itself provides power.
this is waste of time, it takes more energy to split water than burning it produces, and I sincerely doubt any kind of nuclear reaction is taking place
I certainly don't believe it. You haven't even put a web link in.
It's a myth that oil companies have suppressed the technology to run cars on water. There is no need for them to do this, because it cannot be done. You can have fuel cell cars, of course, and they exist, but they need hydrogen fuel. It is simply not possible to fuel a car with just water and nothing else.

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