Are DSP processors used in Robotics?

I want to know wether DSP processors are used in robotics or not.Plz give some information regarding where a DSP Engineer can find a Job and what is his role

The reason a DSP processor is used can be broken down to one word. Speed. They are indeed used in robotics. In the 80's special processor boards ran what was termed as HSC or high speed code. The Assembly Language is an example of a program that produces HSC. Prior to that we actually physically and permanently burned the code into ROM chips. HSC and DSP processors are two peas in a pod. With a DSP Fast Fourier Transforms run best and are supplied by the producers of DSP processors. This is very important. But be advised that very few people are capable of writing HSC.
Luckily you really do not need to be able to do this unless you want to work for manufacturers of DSP processors, which are often used in Robotics.
They could be used to process audio or visual information to turn it into something more meaningful for the robot's AI.

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