Amp to ohms?

how do you convert ohms to amps?
are they the same?

to add to what the other guy said here is a calculator you can play around with to help you understand.
They are not ths same.
Amp is the unit of measure for current, ohms is the unit of measure for resistance.
By Ohm's law V=IR, voltage=amps*ohms
You can't actually convert Ohms to Amps directly but, you can calculate the Amps by dividing Volts by Ohms.

Amps = Volts รท Ohms. (I=V/R)

What's wrong with this answer now Mr Thumbs Down ?
If you have two constants you can find one or the other. The variables and what they mean.
E = potential, measured in volts
I = current, measured in amps
R= resistance, measured in ohms
P= power, measured in watts

The formulas to find amps and ohms:
I = E/R
R = E/I
I = P/E
R = E^2/P

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