If WTC freefell would dangerous debris scatter in wind faster than if it toppled?

EPA tested only ambient air quality and proposed air safe to breathe.
Sediment at pile is highly dangerous and other studies(Sierra Club) show ambient air quality was affected far worse than stated by the White House edited release from EPA findings.
Would effect of imploding(nothing like a building free falls unless assisted--see the footage) building be a means to expedite removal of debris and dangerous toxins burning at ground zero?
Wind patterns after attack could of resulted in good quality readings at area around ground zero as plume was dispersed.

The buildings went into pretty much free fall plus they were burning all of their paper, wood, and jet fuel! The fall alone generated tremendous frictional heating too.all of which made very fine, dangerous particulates. But those were too fine to fall anything as fast as the building itself. Air was forced out of lower floors as the top fell in, however (which produced shooting out material all the way down). You are right, the plume of dust would be very spotty with subsequent winds. Still, the average exposure was way high for some time and EPA (Bushies, really) clamped down on that info and kept it away from the public. I know the researchers that made the measurements; their results were quashed and downplayed.
If it freefell, then the debris would start scattering at the ground level, closer to the impact. It would not have traveled as far. The way the towers fell, debris was being thrown out as each floor pancaked on top of the other. That debris had a longer distance to travel in the wind as well before reaching the ground.
if you watched all the footage of how the towers fell and the aftermath, the wind took the finer particulates, paper and even clothing shards, miles away from ground zero. no matter how a building falls, that which comes from a building will travel as the wind takes it - like separating grain from straw - the heavier the partical the shorter distance from ground zero it'll fall, - so air quality can be acceptable closer, but farther away can be problemactic with the finer particulates even days later.

...with the way bushies have done EVERYTHING - are ya even the smallest bit surprised at how this was handled??

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