How much does 30 gallons weigh?

I have this fish tank and have to get a nice stand for's a 30 gallon make sure i get a nice and sturdy tank i need to make sure i know how much it weighs..I knonw the dementions. I'm horrible in changing gallons - liters and all that weight stuff...THANKS FOR YOUR HELP...

If you have a fresh water tank 30 gal * 8.33 = 250 lbs

Salt water is slightly heavier (about a 1/4 pound per gallon)

30 * 8.55 = 256.5 lbs
8.33 pounds per gallon
A gallon of water is about 8 pounds, so the water will be about 240-250 pounds. By the time you add the tank and any gravel, the whole unit will be close to 275 pounds.
One gallon of water weighs 8.33 pounds.
....*30= 249.9
goog luck!
Depends if you are talking US gallons or Imperial gallons. 10lbs for an Imperial gallon and 8lbs for a US gallon.
A gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds,more if it's salt water.So 30x8.34=241 pounds roughly.
First you have to know if it is US Gallons or Imperial (British) Gallons. A US Gallon is 3.785 Liters/Gallon while an Imperial Gallon is 4.54 Liters.

One liter of WATER weight One kilogram (other liquids weigh more or less depending on specific gravity, but as it is a fishtank and I am assuming water for the fish 1-1 for water is probably right).

So 30 US Gal x 3.785L/Gal x 1kg/L = 113.5Kg (250lb)

Or 30 Imp Gal x 4.54L/Gal x 1kg/L = 136Kg (300lb)

Hope that helps
30 (US) gallons=113.562 L=113562 cm3 =0.113562 m3

1 m3 water =1000kg (Density of water = 1000 kg/m3)
0.113562 m3 water = 113.562 kg

(1 kg=2.2046226218488 pounds)

Answer: approx 114 kg or 250 pounds
a gallon takes 8.3389 pounds of distilled water (3.7853 liters). so 30 gallons is 250.2 pounds there or there bouts, or 113.6liters
1 Gallon of water weights approx. 8.1 lbs.
But if your designing a stand for this, you would be better off to design based on 1gallon=16 lbs or a factor of safety of 2.
If it's a US gallon then 30 x 8.3 = 249 lbs.
If it's a UK gallon then 30 x 10 = 300 lbs.

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