Cutting reinforced concrete?

am working on an interior project where my client wants to reverse the location of a network box to be placed outside of the building ( fire escape) , the place where the client wants to make the holes is right above the slab ,slab and wall is of reinforced it wise to make 2 holes ( each 1.6 inch = 4 cm diameter) in it ? & if not why ?

2 small holes will not hurt anything. it is best if you can locate the rebar and drill to miss it. if you cut a rebar it will lower the tensil resistance of the slab slightly.
If you cut through the wires your structure is weakened.
Should be fine. Use a rotary hammer. It will go through concrete but not steel. If you hit rebar, move. If you know the rebar schedule, see if there is space for the drill bit you are using.
I would have two concerns;
1.0 Is it above grade so there is no water problems?
2.0 Hitting a rebar when drilling the holes.
Otherwise, with the information provided, get to it.
There should be no structural problems.
It should not be a problem. The area will not be a high load area, and the holes needed are pretty small. Use a core saw so you can cut through both the concrete and any rebar you might hit.

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