How do you determine the electricity consumption of an equipment,say 2 horse power airconditioner?

Electrical consumption is given usually in kWh (kilowatt-hour). One kWh is the electricity consumed by a 1kW equipment during one hour.

So first you convert 2 HP into Watts: 2 HP = 2 x 745.6999 Watts = 1.491 kW

So if you ran this air conditioner for 1 hour, it would consume 1.491 kWh.
You cannot use 746 watts =1 HP

A 2 HP or 2 ton air compressor does not pull that rated load, it depends on the many conditions atmospheric and physical conditions of the air compressor itself.

What one needs to attach to the compressor is a Watt-hour meter which plots a graph of power consumption. You can call your local power company and they will send out a rep who, in my area attaches a watt-hour meter and graphs the power consumption for a week or more.

Air conditioners are rated, The new ones have higher ratings and consume less power. That is a federal law, and they give the consumption of power in kw for an average season.
6.2 amps

Because 2 hp=1,492watts

Then use watt's law

W=E X I,where W=watts-E=volts-I=amps

then I=W/E I=1,492/240 = 6.22AMPS

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