Adivise on how to build a cheap but durable apartment building?

am in an african country which has most of the resources but i have no idea which resources

I would suggest wood frame structures are the most practical but don't really know the market. You'll need to get some concrete for foundations, there will be a minor amount of steel if you're going to use anchor bolts to hold the walls to the foundation. Plywood walls and wood framing rafters for the walls and roof. Pitch the roof so the water drains off it and get shingles. Plywood, if done properly, can be used as the finish on the exterior walls, which will save you from needing to buy siding or something else, and also save on needing to paint the siding. The plywood will fade in the sun, but if you're looking for inexpensive, eliminating as many materials as you can is one path to pursue.
Hire an engineer.
Don't use gold. It is expensive, heavy and weak.

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