Alternative to ugly wind-turbines?

I would love to have a wind turbine in my garden, to generate electricity but I am sure most of you will do to, and the reason you don't have it (and would agree with me) - everything they sell nowadays is big and ugly, especially if your garden is small and you are not allowed to install anything big on your roof.
I wonder why they don't make wind turbines in the shape of anemometer - they would not take too much place, and would look good anywhere.
Or make a sleek wind turbine based on the design of those advertising banners they put outside of the stores- they spin like crazy in the wind.
Do you know any reasons why they don't exist?

They do exist but if you want a decent power output you need to tap into a much bigger airflow than those little toys do. You can get choice of small wind turbines mostly sold for charging batteries on boats which are not ugly.
wind-turbines are like girls, ugly is in the eyes of the beholder. I for one don't think they are ugly!
The company I work for recently won a Red Dot design award for our new wind turbine, intended to be both highly functional and attractive -

...tho these are intended to be mounted on the top edges of buildings. As mentioned above, you don't get much juice from small turbines.
The problem is that if you want to get any useful efficiency out of a wind turbine, it has to be 30 feet or more above ground.
And that makes them "ugly", and in some cases you even need a planning permission by your local authorities.
Go Solar...

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