Are floating roof supports designed to take the load of pontoons with full liquid?

Tanks designs

A pontoon floating roof has a double deck with a space between them and is designed to FLOAT on the liquid in the tank, (hence its name). It is supported only by the liquid under it until the tank level is very low. It is then supported on the bottom of the tank on legs attached to its underside, which rise with the roof as the level increases again.
The roof has a seal arrangement around its rim in contact with the inside of the tank side wall.
When it's raining, water won't collect on the roof as there is a central, hinged water drain that passes through the liquid in the tank and connects to an outside drain at the tank base so that no liquid can interfere with the stability of the pontoon.
pl. refer to API 610 standard for detail design of floating roof tanks. Tank design must conform to this standard.

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