4½ what dose this mean?

After every 5 hours of operation check the adjustment of the mixture screw by rotating screw clockwise until seated and then rotate screw 4½ turns back counterclockwise.

********dose the above mean four 'HALF turns or for and a half turns

I'd say 4 full turns and one half turn
Otherwise it would be wiser to write 2 turns
4 + 1/2 turns
I work in a Medical Device facility. We have to be very specific when working with process instructions.

I would think this to be 4 and 1/2 turns counterclockwise.

if it was 4 half turns it would be listed as 2 turns counter clockwise. or be spelt out as "4 half turns"
your confusing

It means four whole parts plus a half part
I agree with the rest. If they meant 4 half-turns, that would be the same as 2 full turns and they would have stated, "2 turns".

It has to mean 4 turns and another 1/2 turn.

1 rotation = 360 deg 1/2 rotation 190 deg
I guess it's the adjustment screw on a carburettor.
DON'T FORCE the screw closed .. gently does it.

Then, 4 FULL turns (360°) anti-clockwise (left), followed by a ½ turn of 180°.

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