Advantages&disadvantages of CNG gas used in vehicals?

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Assuming that CNG means Compressed Natural Gas,
Clean burning -- exhaust products are at worst CO, CO2 and H2O, and usually are only CO2 and H2O
Most powerful -- CH4 produces more heat per unit mass than any other hydrocarbon.
Abundance (from a consumer point of view) -- All cities of any size are served by natural gas pipelines.
Narrow range of explosive concentrations (5% to 15%) Concentrations above and below these limits will burn but not explode.

Requires high pressure tanks which present safety risks of their own as well as the explosiveness of the fuel.
Greenhouse gas production -- Complete combustion of CH4 is second only to combustion of H2 in producing greenhouse gases. (Remember that water vapor and CO2 attenuate and/or reflect nearly the same frequencies of infrared.)

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