For all carpenters, architects, or construction worlers :D?

I have this math project where I am supposed to interwiew a carpenter, architect, or construction worker to find out about the woodedn frame for a house. Please answer completly, it would really really help.Anyways I shouln't waste your time so, here!

a) Where can rectangles, squares, and other quaddrilaterals be found in a house frame?

b) Where can congruent figures be found? Are there overlapping or isosceles triangles in a frame?

c) One technique for building a house is called balloon framing. Where and when was this first used? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

Thank you so much for your time!

a) The frame consists almost entirely of rectangles, squares and quadrilaterals. The wall framing is two horizontal beams connected at regular intervals -- often 16 inch spacing -- by studs. As well, the walls themselves commonly define rectangular spaces. Notice how most rooms are rectangular, more or less?

b) There is congruity in the repetition of shapes in the wall structure, as I mentioned. There may be isosceles triangles in a frame, if that part of the frame needs to be more rigid than usual; these triangles are made by inserting diagonal members into the rectangular framing. It's not very common, though. A much more common use of an isosceles triangle in a house is in the roof truss.

c) Balloon framing is a 20th century development where a lightweight wooden frame is sheathed in pre-fabricated materials like plywood and drywall. It results in an inexpensive structure that can be quickly assembled. It is not extremely strong, and so it's not suitable for all types of construction.
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