Advantages&disadvantages of CNG gas used in vehicals?

if any has any information about this topic,pls help me soon.i want 2 submit an assignment on this topic,so reply as soon as possible

I am not going to write a research paper for you but I will give you a little information.

Clean burning fuel with less pollution.

Less wear on the engine due to it's 'burn' characteristics.

Can be sourced from domestic sources.*

Less expensive than imported oil.*

Due to the gaseous nature of the fuel source it is difficult to produce, store and transport.

No existing infrastructure.

Less range on vehicles with equal size fuel tanks. And the tanks are much more expensive.

More dangerous in accidents due to the fact that an accident would release a cloud of explosive vapor as opposed to a puddle of flammable liquid.

* Due to the current use as fuel for power plants these 'pros' do not exist currently. In fact there is a shortage of natural gas. This will change as oil prices rise and other power sources are found.

The real problem is a gasoline distribution infrastructure that has been built over a 100 year period. It would break the economy to try to duplicate it in a 5 to 10 year period.

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