What is meant by the term kinetic lifting?

I think it relates to Health and Saftey... using kinetic lifting techniques to lift correctly. For example...

For a one person lift:
-Correct Positioning of Feet
-Comfortably apart
-One foot positioned in direction of movement-
-Other foot where it can give maximum thrust to the body

Straight Back
-Lower the body by relaxing the knees
-Keep your back straight (but not vertical)
-Keep load close to body
-Keep chin in and head back

-If lifting from ground make maximum use of legs
-Keep back straight but inclined forward
-As lift proceeds and the legs are straightened the back returns to vertical position

Correct Grip
-Take a firm grip by using the palms of the hands and roots of fingers
-Taking weight on finger tips will create pressure at the end of fingers and could strain muscles and tendons in the arms

Lifting Smoothly

-Thrust from back foot and straightening of knees will move body forwards and upwards – briefly off balance
-Immediately countered by bringing the back foot forward as if walking
-Lift now completed - forward movement results in smooth transition from lifting to carrying

Carrying the Load
-Make sure you can see where you are going
-Avoid twisting the body – move your feet instead
I-f you need to change your grip – set the load down – not whilst walking

Setting the Load Down
Use the correct stance for lifting and set the load down gently

Two Person Lift
-Decide who will be caller
-Assess the weight
-Correct positioning of feet
-Straight back
-Correct grip
-Lift together
it means lifting something with the power of thought alone. Thats it really. Or is that pschokinetics?
Its the correct way to lift something according to health and safety guidelines, e.g. back straight, legs bent, feet positioned on either side of the object.

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