Should my speaker be a higher or lower wattage than the supply?

How do I select new speakers for my car? How do should I decide what (if any) amp I should buy? What is the impedance rating for?

The two important specifications on any speaker are the power and the impedance.
The power specified is the maximum it can take safely. So if the car booklet says a certain power, see to it that the one you put is the same or greater.
The impedance is written in ohms. This is for matching with the amplifier output. The output impedance of the amplifier should be the same as the impedance of the speaker if maximum power has to be transferred to the speaker. If there is a mismatch, like specification says 4 ohms and you put 8 ohms, then you will lose some quality and power. It won't be that bad anyway.
Hope this explains.
Definately higher. If a speaker is fed more watts than its rated maximum capacity it will likely blow. There are no negative effects to either the amp or speaker if the amp output is rated below the speaker capacity. The only problem you may have in this case is a speaker with low output (volume).

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