A tank 3/4 full contains 24 of water.how many litres will it hold when full?

*A tank 3/4 full contains 24 of water MEANS 24 litres.
shape of the , I assume "rectanglular" or "circular - vertical "position.
=75% of the flled tank have 24 litres,
100% means full tank have ,
=32 litres will be the amount of water it hold when it is full of water.
[for horizontal cylindrical tank , you have to calculate the volume.]
[With horizontal cylinders, volume changes are not linear and in fact are rather complex.]
For that please click on:
32 Litres...
¾ of full tank = 24 litres.

¾ x full tank = 24 litres

full tank = 24 litres ÷ ¾

24 litres ÷ 0.75 = 32 litres
Thirty two liters when full, if we do not provide for evaporation and absorption by the tank surface.
32 liters, but tanks usually hold a little extra in case of an emergency so let's say 33 liters.

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