What is (wh) referes to?

I read this and didn't understand what is the (wh).

a compact solid state mobile photovoltaic generator will be designed and assembled. the capacity of 1000 wh

it means watt hour this is the amount of energy the device will produce
wh=watt hour
load...how much current can it put out.
wh is Watt-hours. This is a unit of energy (not power).

This is confusing to me, because photovoltaic generators are usually rated in terms of power, not energy. They generate energy, but you always want to know how "fast" they can supply that energy.

The only thing I can think of is that they are referring to the battery capacity, which *would* be in terms of energy. For a 12-volt DC battery system, 1000 wh would represent 83.3 Amp-hours at 12 Volts.


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