Why do generators have to be earthed ?

i know its to stop you being electrocuted - but in these days of double bonded equipments and integrated MCB / MCCB / RCD's
- why ?

please - only serious answers from electric-minded people ?

An RCD (residual current device) will only operate if there is an earth fault current, if you dont earth your generator there will be no earth path therefore no current. in the event of a live earth fault the only possible return path would be back through a neutral potential casing, most likely while someone was touching it. the current needed to kill you wouldnt trip a MCB.

there is no way to ensure that all equipment used from the generator is class II so the law must assume that someone will plug class I items in, therefore an earth is needed.
Sorry I am not an electric minded but I would guess that if a generator in not earthed it would over heat and blow up. Hope this helps.
the answer is in your question, it's just another level of safety
As a generator produces electricity, MCB's and the like are of little help if there is a short to the casing of a generator.

One touch and your an instant frazzle. Remember, electricity uses the path of least resistance to get to earth.
Because if there is a fault with the equipment you are powering, it will need a way of earthing instead of electrocuting the user. Or do you mean the equipment you are powering is double bonded. In that case I would say that the generator needs earthing in case it develops a fault.
It's only Class II double insulated equipment such as hair driers, drills, hedge trimmers and some laptop ac adaptors etc. that don't require an earth. The majority of electrical equipment is Class I and requires an earth. RCDs etc rely on an earth connection to operate.
safety standards are always conservative.

If you can provide 2 levels of protection for little cost, then that is better than just one.

3 is better than 2,


By grounding/earthing ALL electrical equipment (not just generators, by the way), you increase the levels of safety. It also assures that the cases of ALL equipment are at the SAME potential, in case someone manages to touch the cases of two devices at once.

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