Do you think that STRUCTURAL engineers will be in demand for the next 20 years?

Is a career in demand??WHAT about the salary???

I would think that would be a great career. They will always be in demand and all the salary can do is keep rising. Go for it
Unless the world stops building things, yes. Such a cessation seems unlikely.
As long as we have structures, we will need structural engineers. Even if we don't build another building or bridge, there will still be a need.
Salaries vary. There is always a demand as with any engineering field.
Stuctural engineer are ALWAYS in demand.

But, there are quite a lot of them, so expect a lot of competition, low stating wage, and to get the BIG bucks - you've got to be good and a clever designer (minor in art).
yes, too many projects in the world, maybe this time build an undersea roadway linking the continents, who nows?

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