Anyone can give me a hand to find a job in civil engineering?

is there anyone working in Civil Industry and can offer me a assistant position to learn some experiences ? Dont even need to pay me money .i m a taiwanese girl just finished my master degree but dont know how to find a entry level job in civil engineering .. many thx

Start by looking in the specialist magazines. In particular NCE which for those not in the Civils business is New Civil Engineer. Write to all the contractors, local authorities, consultants etc in your area where you want to work. Use your training in job hunting as well as the academic side.

There are many posts around for junior engineering graduates paying upwards of £20000 so do not be so grovelling. It does not work in this business. You have to be assertive.
A huge chunk of civil engineers are employed by governments. I suggest one place you go is city, county, state and federal web sites.

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