With the gate rank 2165 where can i get the seat in cs?

Its not advisable to go for doing M.Tech if u do not get into IITs or IISc.Even ANNA is good.(dats my opinion. Everyone has got their own)

N for ur rank i'm sorry to say that u may not secure a seat in a good college.
As u say u r from CS, u can get into some software job and grow abundantly in the 2 years where u do ur M.Tech.

N finally it makes no difference for CS students even if they r with B.Tech or M.Tech.
rank is not on which your seat depends! specify score...n for cs in iits i think u must score above 625!
Gate rank does not give any idea of what u had got the gate score on which post graduate admission based on.IN admission in IIT's for Mtech.u need to ve to cross 600 mark but if u had secured less than that then try for many colleges from anna university,pune univ,mumbai,,jadhavpur,...etc.

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