Are electronic learning labs a good way to kepp up with what you've learned in electronics?

you know? those ones they sell at radio shack?

I bought one for my niece. They are pretty basic and kinda limited. Get the biggest one you can afford and you will find that half of the experiments are already too menial for you. You can't modify too much as there is usually one of each type of part. If you really are early in your learning it is an inexpensive place to start.
Look into a protoboard and engineering kits. With a bunch of op amps of photo electric parts. Figure out what area you are interested in an look for parts like that.
I get stuff off of Ebay to supply my 'habit.' You can buy proto stuff and real industrial equipment often times real cheap. is very good but not cheap. Look for surplus outlets local is best but gateway and industrial liquidators are both on the web.
I want to try Electronics Workbench software ( and build virtual circuits but not ready to pony up the bucks!
yes. they will help you learn and grasp most of the basic Electric laws as well as become familiar with components that are commonly used in electronic design.

I highly recommend buying the kits.
Yes, I would think so, because they allow you to gain practical experience constructing circuits. I have tons and tons of theoretical knowledge of electronics, but very little experience building actual circuits, so I can vividly appreciate the benefit of these sort of kits. Practical experience is a terrific mnemonic!

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