Could someone please invent a quiet skateboard that would not make so much noise?

Could some inventors or manufacturers make a quiet skateboard? I have several teenagers that ride and jump skateboards for hours every day in front of my windows, some of them simultaneously. My work involves listening, and with that all noise it takes me twice or three times as long. I would need insulated walls to keep quiet, it SO loud. I don't think I can ask them to go somewhere else since they are on public property, and they apparently don't care about that noise, but could someone invent a skateboard on rubber wheels and from lighter, flexible but strong plastic, so that it does not make as much noise? Even make a skateboard with an electroc motor so it is more appealing, or make a skateboard Segway, but quiet, please? Does anyone believe a quiet skateboard can be made in the next few years, or are we destined for the constant, never ending noise? :)

I won't say that it can't be done, but it would be dificult. Skateboards are already much quieter with the advent of plastic wheels to replace the old metal ones (can you imagine how loud that would be). The problem is that the softer the wheel the more energy it absorbs and the more rolling resistance the wheel would have. So I think for now you are stuck listening to loud skaeboraders.
hmmm, put a cheap stereo in your window and get the CD of Barney's never ending, all-time "favorites". ..and watch them flee :)...

But really, I'd talk to the town hall because it's interfering with your actual WORK, I'm pretty sure they make ordinances about those kinds of things, and depending on where you live, they might even consider building a skate park that's far away from everyone, to make it a nice compromise.

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