What is the formula to find the ratio?

I have a motor (3ph) that the rpm is 1725, my gear box has a ratio of 10:1, what is my speed on the shaft atached to this gear box and what is the formula?.thanks for your input.

I think that this is really simple. First, the fact that there's no mention of a load i.e. any force/torque required makes the power rating ("3hp") irrelevant. I assume that the 10:1 ratio means that the gear box is gearing it down (not up) by a factor of 10. Thus, to get the rotational speed of the shaft you just divide the motor's rotational speed (1725 rpm) by 10. So the answer is 172.5 rpm.
if this is a reduction box it will reduce to 172.5 revolution per minute=if your trying to increase speed by this factor i would have to c the unit
machine parts design usually needs belts type
this was long time now

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