3D model to real prototype?

I am doing project on electronic baton.It will recognize orchestra conductor movement and translate into musical tempo.We want to design the handle of the baton to fit all of the electronic components.3d model has been constructed using solidworks. Now,I just want to find a manufacturer to build the parts based on solidworks model.However, the handle is made of wood.So, I need to find a manufacturer that can work on turning solidworks model into wood parts.Anyone knows please contact me.Thanks for your help

Whats your email? or turn on your email in "my profile" i can give you a quote.

Most machine shops will cost your around 75 a hour. That's if your lucky to find someone that will only make one part.

* sent you off a email... By the way the selection of wood would never really matter. Anyone will cut anything as long as you're willing to pay for high priced wood and sometimes be happy with larger tolerances/finishes.


I never got your email with that cad file but doesn't really matter as i wouldn't be able to get you the items in 2 weeks counting shipping. At the very least i would have to order the wood.

I would go to http://rfqwork.com/ or MfgQuote.com right away. Make sure to tell them everything you can. +-0.5mm is really large that shouldn't be a problem.

Again 2 weeks might be a problem. It might have to be done in a shop around you area. As for wood i would go with oak. It's low cost easier to machine and takes a good finish. It's almost as hard (10% less). Being oak means anyone can pick it up in town without having it order it.

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