Automobile Engineering?

I want to be car engineer i dont want to have to do with anything else but cars. What are all the steps needed to get there. What marks I need what courses i have to take do i have to go to college, which courses do i take in university. What do i do bachelors for, what do i do masters for. Do i do bachelor of mechanical engineering and masters of automobile? Can i do masters 4 trans and engine. Do I need to go to college or can I go straight to University. What marks do I need to get into good university. What subjects do I have to take to become automobile engineer. DO YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO DRAW. What do I need to take in high school and University. What courses do i need to take in high school and what marks do i have to get. Example bachelor of Mehcanical egineering and then do masters for automobile engineering. Which company pays you the most? IF I JUST SECIALIZE IN ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION DO I GET PAID MORE THAN DESIGNING THE WHOLE CAR ITSELF.

That's a lot of questions.

I am an engineer working in the automotive supply business. I do not work directly for Ford, GM or Chrysler, rather they are my customers. In my work, I am responsible for design, engineering and development of many car interior components made by molded plastics. I live and work near Detroit, Michigan and have been in this business for twenty years.

If you want to design the exterior or interior styling, the surfaces that you can see and touch, then study art, graphics, design, architecture and industrial design. Learn to draw. You have to be able to express your creative ideas on a piece of paper. Attend a design college. There are many good schools of design. Some focus on the artistic side, other schools focus on the design side. I studied architecture. When I graduated, I landed a job in product design. Ten years later, I moved to a job in engineering.

If you want to work on the nuts and bolts of the car, beneath the styling, then you will want an engineering degree. There are many options for degrees:
chemical engineering
material science / engineering
mechanical engineering
electrical engineering
computer science / engineering
applied physics

plus others....

If you study engineering, you do not need to learn to draw, but it helps a lot if you do. If your curriculum allows, learn technical drawing. Technical drawing is a language. Learn to read the drawings and how to properly create your own drawings. Learn to draw by hand, then learn to draw on a computer.

You ask about what grades you need to attend a "good" college. Many colleges will consider you if you carry a 3.0 or better gpa. But to attend the better colleges, you need to be above 3.5 gpa, with emphasis on math, science, English, history, economics and a foreign language.

General Motors started a college many years ago in Flint, Michigan, to train engineers for the automotive industry. The school used to be known as General Motors Institute, or GMI. Today it is known as Kettering University. My son attends Kettering and will graduate with B.S. Electrical Engineering. He currently works as an intern for a company that designs and manufactures transmissions for trucks. His job is to create mathematical models of the complete power train on a computer. He intends to pursue a graduate degree in mathematics and will probably stay with that company for many years.

There are many other good colleges for engineering. Look online for guides and ranking for engineering schools.
Mechanical engineering is the way to go, it is what I am currently studying. I am in a Baha racing club at my school where we build an offroad land/water vehicle to compete against different schools. You'll learn about engine design but you will also have to learn about HVAC design so it isnt all just engines.

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