Automobile Engineering?

Is there even a such profession or is it just part of mechanical engineering. I love cars and have knowledge about cars so I want to go into cars but I do not want to be a mechanic so I want to knoow about this. Please answer my question. Can someone please tell me how much an automobile engineer make . In 1 year how much do they make and 2 years and so on. In certain countries how much do they make?

There are 4 major fields of engineering that go into making a car.

Mechanical - Designs the frame, engine, drive train, etc
Aerospace - Designs the body around the frame, windshield, mirrors, spoilers, air intakes etc
Electrical - Designs the electric ignition, lighting, stereo etc
Computer - Designs the computer for optimum engine performance and emissions control.

You can get a degree in any of the 4. The majority of the engineers working on an automobile design will be Mechanical. In the United States, pay for a Mechanical Engineering Bachelors Degree starting out is about 45,000. The other three will probably be a little higher but it really depends on supply and demand.

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