Pedal powered generator parts?

i need 2 know what type/size of alternator to get and what type/size of battery. if anyone has built one of these please tell me about how u did it.

The best bicyclists in the world can only sustain about 1/3 horsepower for long periods of time (tour-de-France peloton riders on the flat are generating about 1/4 horsepower).

Normal 12volt car alterntors are rated anywhere from 40 to 100 Amps, which is 3/4 horsepower to almost 2 horsepower. There is no way you could provide enough power for a 100 Amp alternator.

Buy the smallest 12V, low-RPM, with built-in regulator, alternator you can get.

As for the battery, any 12V deep cycle marine battery will do just fine.

Make sure your pully system runs the alternator up to at least 1200 RPM (or whatever the lowest RPM rating is for a 14 volt output), when you pedal at your "comfort" sustained speed.


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