6 Lead DC Motors?

I'm building a remote controll LawnMower using 2 ,12 V DC Motors out of a wheel chair .The Motors have 6 wires coming out of each . I need to control them sepreatley Forward reverse,stop, and speed control. Using 4 of the leads I got the motor to run but to make them change direction I have to reverse the polarity on two leads then hook the other two together .That's a tall task for Remote control I came up with a way using relays but still would need a speed controll and would take a lot of relays to do this .Theres got to be a better way. other then bitting the bullet and getting 2 lead motors I dont know what 2 of the motor leads hook up too .Could someone shead some light on 6 lead Dc motor diagrams

Might be a compound wound DC machine. In which case, two leads from the armature circuit (the ones from the brushes), two from the shunt coils and two from the series coils.

If so, you could link one lead from the series coil with one from the armature circuit and feed the other two separately from the field coils? just an idea. Normally speaking, the series circuit will have the lowest resistance, then the armature with the higher resistance in the shunt (field) coils.
At least some scooters use brushless DC motors. These motors have several independent coils and require a control system that turns the coils on in the correct sequence with the correct timing. There is also usually a detector in the motor that feeds back a signal when the motor is at a particular position. The controller needs that signal for proper timing.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/brushless_d...

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