. should i join ece, cs, or eee in college of engineering,guindy or join ece in other colleges?

i got rank 393 in annauniv ranklist. which would be the next better college?

Well my 1st choice is college of enginnering.guindy then other colleges...Best of luck.
Why do you have 'ECE' as first choice?
Choose ECE only if you want to go into research or become a lecturer. Most of the software companies in India prefer CSE during campus recruitment.
CSE have far better job opputinities, better salaries than ECE.
Moreover, most ECE departments in most colleges of South India (including Guindy) have Psycho lecturers who give very less marks during Internal/External exams.
Dont ruin your life mugging derivations in ECE. Take CSE, enjoy your subjects, pass with flying colours, and get high paying jobs. My sincere suggestion is this order of preference while choosing your branch. First CSE, next ECE, next IT, next EEE. NEVER choose ECE over CSE.
Do ECE and be a power engineer. Programming is boring.
it is usually better to choose college over dept.try to get a list of what each dept is about and choose one which u think u will fit into,for eg.if u like programmin go for cse or it, like electronics go for ece or e&i...all the best

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