Are chemical engineers smarter than electrical engineers?

Yes but they have smaller penises.
you're comparing apples and oranges
...a greater breadth of knowledge...much greater ;-)
I work with both. It depends on which electrical and which chemical engineers you are talking about.
That depends on if you're talking to a poor electrical engineer or a poor chemical engineer. Chemical engineering has always been reputed to be a tougher program than electrical engineering. That doesn't mean you have to be smarter, it means you need more interest, dedication and determination. Both fields are impossibly difficult if you're not really interested.
depends on the kind of bomb you are making, lol. I would say they are both smarter than the other in their own field.
"Lets you and him fight" Eh?
Chemical engineers are smarter if they can keep their super chemicals in perfect balance. However electrical engineers can become cyborgs and while they make be a little less smart they can have huge memories and their brains are less likely to melt.

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