What do diodes do?

A basic, ideal diode allows current to flow in one direction only. In terms of circuit modelling, it has 0 resistance in one direction and infinite resistance in the other. Real diodes don't behave this way, of course, and have a more complex model.

However, diodes form the basis for a wide variety of other circuits, including rectifiers (convert AC to DC), transistors (amplify current), detectors (convert light or heat to current), and not to mention specialzed diodes that emit light (LEDs), limit voltage (Zeiner), etc. Practically every electronic circuit includes diodes or transistors.
allows current to pass through only in one direction.
some produce light as they do this and are the light emitting diodes you see on most electronic items.
others are used to turn AC into DC.
you can build a circuit with 4 diodes that turns AC into DC.
every PC has a couple of these.
the link has a description on the 2nd page.
A diode is a simple form of thermionic valve that allows current to pass one way only through that valve.
Most modern diodes are semiconductors having a p-n junction, current flows from the p side to the n side but can't flow in the opposire direction.

Thinking of a diode as a valve is best, any device that requires current flow in one direction only will have diodes.
They allow current to flow only in one direction. There are several kinds of diodes, for example, LEDs, Zener diodes and power diodes used for high power applications.

Tvs, computers, cellphones, regular phones, ipods, stereos, etc, have diodes.

A diode is the simplest semiconductor electronic component.
it converts alternative current to direct current.
diode allow the pass through of the top half or bottom half of the sinusoidal sine wave of ac electricity.

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