Maximum power transfer theorem can be put in good use, but why wouldn't it be welcome from mains power-?


Mains power comes from generating stations which have typically several hundreds if not thousands of MW of installed capacity. Here the question is not of transferring the maximum power possible but to supply each consumer what he demands. Maximum power transfer theorem(MPTT) is not applicable to such a system.
MPTT assumes that the source internal potential and impedance remain unchanged; the impedance of the load is varied to get the maximum power transfer. Such an arrangement is not obtained in a mains power supply system.
Maximum power transfer is only 50% efficient
matt_eckold is right - maximum power transfer IS only 50% efficient, as half the power is dissipated in the source impedance and half in the load - so of course he gets the inevitable "thumbs down". Power companies want maximum efficiency, not maximum possible power transfer, so they want the load impedance to be high compared to the source impedance. At maximum possible power transfer, the wires would probably melt!

Power is normally distributed at high voltage to reduce the contribution of the resistance of the transmission wires to the source impedance.
higher voltage less current


less losses.

also gives the Tx companies a lot of work!

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