Can a microwave magnetron emit a positive charge?

I noticed the voltage doubler in a conventional microwave oven and I read that it sends a negative-pulsed HV DC to the magnetron.

If the magnetron emits a negative electric charge is this because of the negative HV DC pulses?

If so, then I assume if the voltage doubler were arranged inversly then the magnetron would emit a positive electric charge.

Please correct me if Im wrong. Extra info will be appreciated.



you have confused a magnatron used in a microwave oven with a cyclotron which is a charged particle accellerator. the output of the magnatron is very high frequency radio microwaves, no particles, positive or negative are emitted from the device just EM waves. Food is heated not by bombardment of particles but by either water which resonates at the microwave frequency used and turns to steam or by dielectric adsorption of the radiation.

also there is nothing special about the pulses. the magnetron only needs a source of DC current, it does not care if it is pure rectified and smooth, or pulses. the HV diodes are not followed by a smoothing capacitor when converting ac line voltage to DC for the magnatron, indeed that would be very dangerous because the HV could stay on the caps even with the device unplugged like an old fashioned TV set crt.

further, the magnetron would not function if the direction of DC voltage applied was reversed. at the heart of the magnetron is a vacuum tube which has one-way current flow of an electron beam for operation, again much like a TV set crt.
The magnetron is a resonant cavity which converts electrical oscillations into an ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE in the microwave part of the spectrum. It does not emit charged particles. The purpose of the voltage doubler is to raise the applied voltage being applied to the oscillator driving the magnetron to the level that will create a wave with the desired amplitude (strength). Think of the magnetron as a whistle, which is blown by the waves from the oscillator, amplifying those waves at which it is resonant.
The microwave energy is released into the cavity of the microwave oven, where it is of the proper wavelength to excite the water molecules present in the food, which heats and cooks the food. A completely dry substance will not heat up in a microwave oven. The reason some ceramics heat up is because they have water molecules trapped in their crystalline structure. These ceramics are not recommended for use in a microwave oven.
microwave oven megnetrons emit electromagnetic waves and they use these waves to heat a substance it emits both at once, it's electro magnetic and an electro magnetc field is made up by moving charges (current) so it's both,
a magnetron basically is just a radio transmitter and radio waves are electromagnetic singnals through the air (but in order to create an electro magnet you'll need alternating current)

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