How much electricity does..?

an electric fan use? I have an electric fan in my room for when the weather is hot or humid - I have got quite used to sleeping with the noise now so often leave it on all night.

Am I going to have a massive electricity bill because of it, or is it quite economic to run?

I dug out my Kill-a-Watt device and my 16" oscillating fan. Here are the loads on each speed:

Low: 44 watts
Med: 53 watts
High: 58 watts

It didn't make any difference if the fan was locked in position or allowed to oscillate.

My old 20" box fan uses:
Low: 83 watts
Med: 138 watts
High: 180 watts

Nearly every applicance has the power requirements stamped on a nameplate or in the instruction manual.

For the relative accuracy needed in your calculations, you can use the approximation of volts x amps = watts.

For larger motors, if you can't find nameplate voltage and amperage information, convert horsepower to watts with the formula 1 HP = 746 watts.

If you want to measure your own appliances, check out the Kill-a-Watt device at the link below. It is available online or at home improvement stores and Radio Shack. I've seen it for around $25 US.
my fan runs on 120 volts. i would keep it on it is worth it. i know i do because if i turned it off i would never get to sleep and i would be tired in the morning.

it depends on the fan though.
No, it's really cheap.

The most it could be is about 200watts (if that). That's about 10 cents every 5 hours.
Depends on the wattage of the fan. If its say 100 watts, you should be fine. In comparison, an electric fire for heating consumes around 1 to 2 Kilowatts per hour which is serious energy use.
Its cheap. In the range of leaving a lightbulb on.
The fans are very cheep to run hun, I have a tumble dryer washing machine ect... all the normal household equipment, the cooker & water runs on gas, I have a key meter & never put more than 7/8 pounds per week, I have a stand fan 16inch in my living room, bedroom, & Charlottes room going more or less 24/7

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