What is TPFC(Transient Power Fuel Control)??

Explain it...Indian bike maker Hero Honda is using this so-called technology in its range of CBZ's , I just want to know what is it???

"TPFC (Transient Power Fuel Control) system that, simply put, is one way of giving dual character to a small engine by increasing the air/fuel flow as and when required by the right wrist. This ultimately results in higher engine performance."(1)

"The special feature of the bike acc. to me is the TPFC(Transient Power Fuel Control Sytem) which
provides sudden accelarations with ease & control.There is an air filter element which injects
fresh air into the exhaust to meet emission norms,which makes this bike a green one,it keeps
alive the hero honda tradition of keeping the environment pollution free. " (2)

Basically, it is the technology that helps this small bike go very fast when needed. This technology is already in use in some 4 wheeled vehicles.

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