10mm mc screw with 1mm pitch?

(UK) I am looking for a 10mm diameter machine screw with a 1mm pitch thread. M10 is 1.5mm or 1.25mm, anyone know where I can buy 1mm pitch? (Needs to be brass or stainless)

M10 x 1.0 is a standard thread, rarely used, but standard.
M10 x 1.5 is Metric Coarse
M10 x 1.25 is Metric Fine
M10 x 1.0 is Metric Extra Fine

You will probably have to buy a minimum order because it is such a rarely used thread.

Hope this helps.
Not of the ordinary! Give a call to a screw and fastener shop, but this sounds like a part that may need to be machined. Wouldn't it be easier to tap the part to accept a 1.25?
An M10 screw with 1mm pitch would be very non standard as you are probably already aware. It is very unlikely that any regular screw stockist would be able to help. A decent engineering work shop will be able to help. Technically you can cut any thread size or form within reason, however, forming the nut or whatever the application requires would be a little more tricky. The female M10 x 1mm thread could be cut but I should think it could start to get a little expensive. You could have a Tap specially made by a decent tooling supplier, but again probably at some expense.
Does it have to be M10 x 1mm? M8 fine has a 1mm pitch.
I'm presuming by your choice of alloys its for a marine or outdoor application. Your local engineering workshop will be able to make you one using some scrap brass bar they have lying around. They'll just stick it on the lathe and use a 1mm pitch die down to the depth or length of thread you require. If you want it in stainless it'll be more expensive because of a number of reasons the most important being the hardness of the damn stuff. Brass is easy to machine. Standard pitch on M10 is 1.5mm. If i were you i'd try opening up(to 10.25mm diameter) and re tapping the female part with M12 (1.75 pitch) if possible. That way you can buy some standard zinc plated threaded bar for a cheap job. If it needs to look pretty or be 1mm pitch for other reasons then its worth paying that little bit extra and have it machined. should'nt cost too much, i'd charge you less than £10.
M10 by 1mm is a common motorcycle pitch, these people will sell you anything you need.

If you are really stuck for this thread there are firms out there that can CNC grind a male or female thread to any pitch and diameter you need but at a cost. Look under "injection mould design" It would be much cheaper to modify your design.

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