When using a digital modem for GPS RTK work what is the max range you can be from the base station?

I expect that the max range depends on user accuracy requirements. system availability and local environment, but 10km is near the practical limit.

I heard of 10 cm accuracy at ranges greater than 100 km over water and operation of units up to 140 km away from base (accuracy unspecified) however according to a Trimble FAQ

What is the range of an RTK Base Station with a TRIMCOMMâ„¢ 900 Radio?

The limitation of range of RTK base station corrections is 6 miles (10 km) Beyond this range, the ability of a rover AgGPS 214 to resolve the carrier phase integers is impaired. This range limitation is independent of the range limitations of the line-of-sight transmissions of the TRIMCOMM 900 radios, under favorable conditions, can exceed 10 miles. If the rover AgGPS 214 will be operating out of line-of-sight of the base station and the rover cannot receive the direct base station corrections, a repeater radio may be used. The TRIMCOMM 900 radio repeater is the same part number as for the base station.

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