I want to learn about steam turbines and boiler design. also I want to learn how to fabricate them.?

Could you please recommend any good universities which can offer a degree on this subject. I have a computer engineering degree but over the years, my interest for steam engines has changed to a passion and now, an obsession. I want to learn about designing small steam turbines, its fabrication, material selection, machining methods etc. Can I learn all of this under one degree? Where? Thanks !!
( I think it is not possible to learn these stuff online, am I right?)

The boiler and steam turbines are taught in heatpower engineering . These subjects are far away from computer engineering you graduated . These are basic engg. disciplene and can not be a hobby subject as in every country fabrication of these items fall under the perview of competent authority .

you may undergo openuniversity courses run bu MIT for theoretical knowledge .Practical knowledge have to be gained by apprenticeship with some manufacturing industry
.Generally boilers and turbines are not manufactured by same company as technology of production differs and expertise /past experience counts . You have to choose any one of the two for persuation. online courses will help you tgheoretically but you will be never able to manufacture them with that. Better to enter a collaboration with some firm producing them ,for that purpose ,
Any university with a good mechanical engineering department should be able to assist in this. It would fall under the category of mechanical engineering, since thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, and material stress are all factors in designing a turbine.

The top 10 universities in mechanical engineering are
1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2. Stanford University
3. University of California–Berkeley
4. University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign
5. University of Michigan–Ann Arbor
6. Georgia Institute of Technology
7. Purdue University–West Lafayette
8. California Institute of Technology
9. University of Minnesota–Twin Cities
10. Cornell University
Boiler design is usually dealt with in mechanical engineering. You start encountering it in thermodynamics classes but it is not something to be toyed with.

You will need a mechanical engineering degree and then multiple years of experience in the working world before attempting your own designs.

If you are fabricating your own designs you will also need technical training in machining, usually offered at technical colleges but some mechanical engineers pick it up in the normal course of their working life.

Improper design or operation of a boiler can cause catastrophic failure and extreme injuries (death), tread very cautiously!
Better learn to make windmills. The boiler market is going DOWN.

Any way, they are easy to design (so they say). Study mechanical engineering.

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