A/c and referigeration?

what do you mean by Referigeration and air conditioning.

what do YOU mean by Referigeration and air conditioning?
Refrigeration means using mechanical means to cool an enclosed chamber (like the one in your kitchen called the "refrigerator;" see a connection?) to temperatures suitable for preserving food.

Air Conditioning means using the same methods to cool air circulating in a room, building, vehicle, or other enclosure.

Please try an internet search on "refrigeration," and one on "air conditioning." You will find lots of information, pictures, diagrams.
Refrigeration and air conditioning systems both use a refrigerant liquid/vapour Thermo-Dynamic Cycle to produce cooling.
Roughly to say, refrigeration is process to cool the temperature. Air conditioning is process to condition the air to desired condition ( set the air temperature, air speed, humidity ).
Usually air condition intended for human is 20 deg.C, humidity 50%. ( Humidity below 50% will irritate nose, humidity over 90% will make sweat )
Air condition for electric control room is ( temperature is depends on requirement, usually about 18-20 deg.C ) , Humidity 30-50%.

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