Burning red laser?

I have a small laser from the back of a wireless mouse, a targus model no. AMP01, it is a laser pointer used for presentations, it has 3 little transformers on it. The number on the 3 transformers i think are 487, 511, and 102. im not exactly sure if thats exactly what they are but i just want to know if its possible to make a burning laser out of it.I saw in a video that you have to heat up a transformer that says 03 on it but mine does not have it... can i still make mine a burning laser?

No way. This is a small laser diode, probably rated at 1 or 2 milliwatt (a laser pointer is usually around 5 milliwatt). Trying to put more power though it would burn and melt the junction.
Is is like trying to put 220 volt though an appliance that is meant for 110 volt, all you'll end up with is molten components with a risk of fire. You will not have a burning laser, you will have a burnt laser.

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