Which public university in Louisiana is a good place to study chemical or petroleum engineering?

Please answer from personal experience and knowledge, not from internet links.

LSU used to have a good Pet Eng school. Don't know about La Tech. USL (could be University Louisiana - Lafayette) used to have a good program too.

The best school (at least in the 1980's) was probably Texas A&M.
LSU or Tulane.
LSU has great chemical and petroleum engineering schools.

I didn't go to school there, but I have worked in the chemical and petroleum engineering field for many years and all the LSU grads I've met and worked with are top notch.

Tulane is good too, but they are a private school, not public.
Lousiana State University at Baton Rouge is pretty good. Rather than getting opinion from other I would encourage that you see at current research projects and determine if the department is good for you along with the curriculum.

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