Best equipment for handling Petrolatum (Vasoline-like) materials for weighment?

Looking for hand held equipment to dispense a thick grease-like product so it can be weighted for compounding. Needs to be quick and clean. 2lbs of material in under a minute.

I would simply use a grease dispensing gun, basically industrial sized calking guns that you load with your material, and dispense like a calking gun. They are made in manual, electric and air tool products. You can find them on the web easily under calking guns, grease guns, etc. I've included a couple in the source list that should have what you need.
could you heat it just enough so that it becomes less viscous, then pour it into whatever you are using as a tare, weigh it, and subtract the tare weight?
that would be a proportional piston free lunch. it has to be designed and fabricated. it'll be electro-mechanical

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