What criteria is used to choose the correct NDE methodolgy?

For example, If I am at a chemical plant, where there are so many different types of piping, rotating equipment, and exotic metals, how do you I pick the correct NDE method to assess for cracks or fatigue?

Besides X-ray, UT, Dye penetrant, and Mag Particle, are there any others available?

Thank you.

Well there are many things to consider for picking a correct NDE technique.

1. What's available at my location? Self explanatory.
2. How big is the defect that I am looking for? Some techniques are better at finding smaller defects. Also the smaller the defect that you are looking for the longer your inspection time.
3. How accessible is the area? Some of the techniques can be difficult to perform in more confined area and some disassembly may be required.
4. How long do I have?

The only other one I might add for NDE of metallic structures is eddy current inspection.

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