2.1 kw = how many kwh?

2.1 kw is the system size. I'm looking for the efficiency of the system, and the output of the system is measured in kwh. Do I need to convert 2.1 to kwh?

Efficiency is power out divided by power in. Output stated in kwh is energy not power. You need to convert the output to kw. Average kw would be kwh divided by the period of time over which the kwh is produced, consumed or transferred. You need to determine the input kw also. A 2.1 kw system size is only the capacity of the system, not the input. If the system is running at capacity, I would assume that 2.1 is the output rather than the input unless you have information that indicates otherwise.

Re additional details
If your output kwh figures are hourly readings, you need to divide the kwh reading by 1 hour, so the kwh values are the same as kw values. Do you have corresponding hourly input kwh or kw values?
2.1 kw is per hour already.
You will need the time period that your system will be energized, e.g., 2.1kW * 1 hour = 2.1kWH

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