Any one help me?

any one help me, i want to learn basics of civil engineering subjects like, strength of material, Structural analysis,design of steel structures, mechanics of soil.. where i search for that...

Take some classes.
Google it or you can go onto wikipedia. org and type in engineering. That might help!!

Go to your library and get as many books as you can on these subjects. These books are made specifically for giving you the information you need. It is time you stop thinking that the Internet is better than everything else when it comes to getting information of all types.

If your library does not have it, then travel to the nearest city that does have it.
Call you local companies. Maybe you can work as an intern or something
It is doubtful that you can learn these subjects by self-study, and even if you were to succeed, you would not be allowed to practise those skills without certification. You should consider, as a bare minimum, taking a two-year degree in engineering technology, and you should not expect professional advancement without a four-year degree and registration as a professional engineer.
Civil engineering is better known as "building highways" :-)
It depends on for what you are learning. For good knowledge and practical purpose go to good books. If theses are part of your syllabus and just want to pass the examination look for books by R.S.Khurmi(Also good books if you just want to scratch the subject).
If you are really serious about civil learn STAAD-PRO.

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