Taken comp sc at SRM...what is it like??

what kind of syllabus is in d first yr for CSE students...
what areas of maths do u hav to master for CSE.

basically a rough outline of first yr things???
do u need to hav any pre- knowledge before diving in?

First year..its common for all branches...
u will be having maths,physics,chemistry,englis... science,workshop(lab),CS(lab),... electric engg...basic mech engg...

as far as maths is concerned...maths 1 is easy..
maths 2 - a bit tough

if u had maths in 12th grade its not at all a problem...
for maths-1 pre knowledge of differential calculus and trignometry will be helpful
for maths 2 pre knowledge of Vectors and integration is helpful

as a whole in 4yr-CSE course u will be having 4 maths papers..
maths 1(sem 1),maths 2 (sem2),maths 3(sem 3)

sem 4-either probability of numerical methods.

hope this helped u
all the best!

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