Whats the best dynamo for a DIY 500w wind-turbine?

I want to build a small 500w (ish) wind turbine. I have batteries, metal etc not sure what dynamo + regulator I need, would an old car dynamo/regulator work?

A car alternator might work. You'd need a battery to energise the coil to start it up. You'd also need to find a way of disconnecting the battery in case the turbine is stopped for a long time or the field coils will discharge the battery.

You also need to step up the speed with with gears so the darned thing will whine in the wind. Not wife or neighbor friendly.
You could use a car alternator but you would need some way of turning off the control box when there was no movement of the turbine vanes, otherwise the field coils of the alternator will get rather warm, waste power and at worst burn themselves out.

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